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  1. Michael Finegold
    Michael Finegold zegt:

    Hello Werner! Greetings from Cape Cod…We thoroughly enjoyed hearing you sing at Annie and Johns party…as did we when you played aboard the Fluvius….You are a great entertainer who takes much pride in your work. I hope our paths will cross again sometime very soon. My friend Martijn van Tatenhove owns the barge named the Zwaantje which tours through the Netherlands and Belgium. Give him a call and introduce yourself. I am sure he could use your services. Feel free to get in touch if you are coming back to the U.S. anytime soon. We have a big house and welcome guests. Michael

  2. Annie Taber
    Annie Taber zegt:

    If you are looking at this page it’s either because you know Werner and his talents or because you stumbled here by mistake. Coming from near Boston, we met Werner when he sang and played the accordion on our recent barge trip in Belgium. It was a fantastic evening. His voice is wonderful, his energy and love of what he is doing came across to everyone who was there. At the end of the evening, we all were happy, smiling and exhausted from dancing and yet in high spirits. In fact, we were so energized and excited about him that we decided after we got home to have a big party (birthday, retirement and moving) at our home on Cape Cod (MA/USA) and that he was the only person we could think of who we wanted for our entertainer – no matter that he lived in Belgium or that no one else here knew him or that we could have found lots of other entertainers closer – Werner and his music were who we wanted. So I sent him an email and to my surprise he agreed to come! He and his girlfriend, Yvette, were our guests for 4 days. They have now become friends who we hope very much to see again. But the party – for the people who had seen him on the barge they were stunned that he was here (but also thrilled) and the people who had never heard him before left wondering when he would be back. Thank you Werner and Yvette for making our party the best we have ever had. We hope that you get more gigs on this side of the water. For anyone on the other side, he is a wonderful entertainer and your event could only be more exciting if you hire him. Best to you in your music career and can’t wait to see and hear you again. Annie and John

  3. Roger & Helga
    Roger & Helga zegt:

    Hallo Werner,

    Wij willen u nog eens bedanken voor uw optreden, zoals je zelf wel kon merken was iedereen zeer tevreden.
    Mensen die wij anders moeilijk op de dansvloer kregen hebben nu ook mee rond de zaal gedanst, super!
    Wij wensen u nog een zeer succesvol jaar en hopelijk nog eens tot een volgende keer.
    Roger & Helga
    Und: Danke für die schöne Blumen!


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